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Osmosis Repair and Protection

Working with AOT can reduce costs of osmosis repair by 50% yet can produce a repair equivalent to that of the best specialised repair yards. How do we do this?

Craft to be treated are not kept in a building for either preparation, drying or epoxy coating stages thus avoiding costly boat movements, mast removal and erection as well as rental and energy costs associated with internal storage.

1. Boat owners pay for the preparation stages directly to AOT without added VAT or mark up.

2. AOT’s schemes use the latest fast curing, high build epoxy systems where correct coating thickness can be achieved in only 2 days and because of their tolerance to high humidity conditions, can be successfully applied in outside environments.

3. Owners wishing to participate in hull coating can be trained sufficiently well to maximise savings in costs associated with labour.

4. We start to prepare hulls for osmosis repair treatment at the beginning of the normal lay- up period and begin coating in spring and early summer when weather conditions permit.

5. Although some hull preparation stages such as gel coat peeling and grit blasting must be carried out by AOT. There are some operations such as pressure washing and steam cleaning which, with the correct guidance, can be performed adequately well by the average boat owner.

6. Boats can be treated for osmosis repair at a location convenient to the boat owner which is usually the boatyard where the craft spends its usual lay-up period.

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