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If your boat has osmosis, don’t worry! Help and professional assistance is here to help you, just contact Advanced Osmosis Technologies (AOT).

With our expertise and guidance we will take you through all the necessary stages in osmosis treatment from haul out through hull preparation and recoating and eventually to re-launch; you should expect to do this once and therefore correctly, so spare a minute and let me tell you why you should use AOT’s services. Firstly, a little bit about our company and who you would be dealing with.



A little bit about me

My name is Adrian Baker and I run Advanced Osmosis Technologies. AOT was established 16 years ago to not only offer hull preparation services to the trade but also help boat owners tackle osmosis treatment on their own craft. I draw upon considerable experience gained from working in advanced marine composites for international companies both at laboratory level and with the formulation and application of new products, as well as training professionals in the use of epoxies.

I believe that the expertise in handling the epoxy products in repair systems should not be the preserve of professionals in boat yards but can be extended to environments which are more convenient to the average boat owner on a budget.

My track record training and working with over 200 boat owners of widely varying initial skill levels confirms the soundness of my philosophy. Not only can we, working together, reduce the cost of treating your boat by over 50% but as a boat owner you will have the satisfaction of participating in the project and gain new skills in the process.



Richard Payne - May I compliment you on your thoroughness. It is very unusual these days to find anyone willing to go to so much effort.

Keith Barlow - Thankyou for the wonderful and professional work you have carried out on Amarylis. The boat has never looked better and looks brand new.

John P Pope - I would like to thankyou for your expert help with peeling and blasting of the hull, and with the epoxy work. This proved easy to apply (with your help) and the final finish is excellent. The cost saving was really worthwhile, compared with yard prices.

Neville G Sudall - I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the programme of epoxy treatment you have recently undertaken on my Moody 27. The finished result is excellent and I appreciate your professional attention to detail and general advice throughout the programme. I have have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who requires epoxy treatment to their craft.


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