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Hull Preparation Services 

Mobile Gel Coat Peeling
We were one of the first in the country to offer mobile gel coat peeling in 1994, using hand held electric machines. We use electronic moisture meters and our experience of grp boat building to set the height of the cut and the depth to which the blades are set. Being custom-made our peeling machines give you a finish which is superior to that of our competitors. The smooth surface produced will require etching either by coarse sanding or grit blasting depending on the severity of the problem.

Mobile Grit Blasting
Our mobile service uses a higher-powered compressor than any of our competitors allowing us to tackle the most difficult jobs. For osmosis preparation we can draw upon a selection of blast media to leave a finish sufficiently textured to allow the exposed laminate to release moisture, however bad the problem.

Antifouling Removal
We can select the most appropriate abrasive and power to match any type of coating yet cause the minimum of disturbance to the substrate, whether it is grp, wood or even metal. A fully enclosed ‘tent’ ensures minimal environmental impact.

Iron Keels
Removing stubborn thick rust is no problem with our choice of abrasive and high powered dry blast equipment. We leave a clean rust-free surface to which we apply an anticorrosive primer.

Mobile Steam Cleaning
Using our in-house designed equipment we can be confident that your osmotic hull will dry correctly and achieve the target hull moisture level. We can either be contracted to do this for you, or you can hire the necessary equipment from us.

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