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Hull Coating Services

For osmosis protection or osmosis repair
When your hull has reached target moisture level in osmosis repair it must be protected from moisture ingress by all effective epoxy coating system. Our well-proven epoxy scheme designed by ourselves has been used to successfully treat over 200 boats.

For every boat we will draw up a step by step coating scheme based on an accurate hull surface area measurement; this gives us the exact product volumes necessary for full protection. We will order the products and have them delivered to you by carrier directly from the manufacturers.

There are various ways to use our services -

1. You can contact AOT to complete the whole job.

2. As a boat owner you can contract AOT on a daily rate basis to work with you – for instance, this usually amounts to 2 or 3 non-consecutive days in osmosis repair.

3. We can draw up a coating schedule for the boat owner to follow independently from AOT.

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