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We can offer FREE advice on all aspects relating to gel coat and laminate problems, including costs, whether you intend having your boat repaired or considering buying a grp boat where osmotic blistering or defects are present.

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Chris Newman - Thank you for your efforts to beat the weather this spring. It was such a relief to finally see "Cat-a-tonic" afloat and looking so good.

Pam & Dick - Aliesha is now looking very smart with her new bottom and going at least a knot faster so definitely worth the effort.

Richard Gunn - It was a very interesting experience to assist on the two days applying epoxy; at the very least I know exactly what was applied. I am impressed by the system that you use in that it was easy to apply and includes primer coats that ensure that it all bonds together and to the hull. The finishing result looks indistinguishable from a new boat except for the slight line at the waterline - Excellent!


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